Alyssa and Husband Jordan at The Reservoir

Alyssa Rodriguez

Event Coordinator

My name is Alyssa, and I am the Event Coordinator here at The Barn! The Barn is exceptionally special to me, because it’s where my husband and I said “I do!” Living in California at the time, we dreamed of a Rocky Mountain wedding, and found it here at this captivating, historic property.

Since then, I joke I loved it so much I didn’t leave. I called Amy after our perfect day, and asked to be a permanent fixture of this property. We packed our bags, moved out to Colorado, and now get to enjoy the beauty of Evergreen every day.

Now, (unless I've snuck out to feed the deer cookies) you can find me in The Barn hosting tours, walkthroughs, and events, or in the office eagerly chatting with all of our brides, grooms, and clients!

I am so lucky to be someone who can say that I genuinely love my job, and am so thankful to be a part of something so incredibly special to so many people. I truly look forward to any opportunity to chat about The Barn, events, and planning, so always feel free to give me a ring!