Amy and Husband/Owner Gene out at The Reservoir

Amy Lewis

Events Manager

My name is Amy Lewis and I am the Events Manager here at The Barn. This place is full of rich history with not just the Lewis family, but the land itself. I love being a small part of the history and working with my husband Gene as well as an exceptional team of event coordinators to create a space for families to come and celebrate life’s events.

Gene could tell you story after story of The Barn, the animals, the trees, and surrounding area. He grew up on this land, tore down and pieced together The Barn with his dad, brother, and friends, and now manages The Park. I love any chance I get to tell his stories and work with him to continue the legacy of providing a unique place for families to come and experience part of Evergreen, Colorado.

I am glad you stopped by to either visit The Park, The Barn, or just our website. We would love to work with you and create a memorable event for you, your family, and your friends, at this little piece of heaven we call The Barn at Evergreen Memorial Park.